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No enrolment fee to pay for the first term

Thinking of giving MIS a try? If you are joining the Secondary School, we will waive the enrolment fee for your child's first term, meaning you can see whether the school is a good fit for your child. Click to find out more.

IGCSEs classes starting at MIS in 2024

Our Year 10 IGCSE course is starting August 2024, offering a range of subjects in small group sizes, taught by experienced and specialist teachers, trained in the international system. Click to find out find out more.

New classrooms ready for August....

To support our new IGCSE intake starting August, we are building two new classrooms, a new reception area for the Secondary school, and a new ICT lab on the new Secondary site.

Separate Secondary school field now open!

Our new second school field, situated above the existing Secondary site, is now ready. The Secondary students are enjoying their PE lessons up on the 50m field, as well as playing every lunch time - without having to worry about smaller primary childen. It therefore allows for more freedom for the Primary on the original field. Click to find out more.

Reports from the 2024 trips!

Pre-school explores Malaika Beach Resort....

Reception trip to Waghill zoo and lodge....

Year 1 also had a lovely day trip to Waghill....

Year 2 had an amazing time at Kassa Zoo....

Year 3 had their first overnight trip camping at the school....

Year 4 played, rode, fed and camped at Kassa Zoo....

Year 5 had a great time on an overnight trip to Wag Hill....

Year 6 went for an incredible three-day safari in the Serengeti....

Years 7, 8 & 9 went to Geita to see a gold mine, climb a mountain and have lots of team-building fun....

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About Mwanza International School

Mwanza International School is an international school following the British (Cambridge) curriculum in the English language. The school opened in September 2012 and has been growing continuously since.

Our Primary School is well established, while our Secondary School is expanding with a new class each year up until our first IGCSE exams which will be administered in June 2026.

MIS is a non-profit-making organisation. Any surplus in the budget is reinvested in school facilities. The Education Directors, Ruth and Barry Clement, have a long history in international education having both been heads of schools in UK, Cyprus and Tanzania.

MIS is registered with the Tanzanian Ministry of Education (EM.17629); we joined ECIS (European Council of International Schools) in 2015; and became a member of Cambridge International Schools in 2019 (TZ060).

Teaching & Learning

Students enjoy learning. We give all of our students the opportunity to make progress and develop in a safe and happy environment. All students work at different levels and all should make progress, to reach their potential. We have many language backgrounds within the school and encourage progress through proficiency in English. All examinable subjects will be through the medium of English, and as such all students need to be working at a high level.

We develop reason skills within all of our students. The ability to evaluate, summarise and draw conclusions in vital in today’s world. Children have access to more information than they have ever before, and ultimately it is their ability to make sense of this that will contribute to their success in the modern world.

Download details of our curriculum here but if you have any specific questions that are not answered by this document then please contact the school for further information.

MIS Mission Statement

Mwanza International School aims to develop all children to their potential in all respects. It has ambitious expectations of its pupils and seeks to prepare them for higher education and ultimately to contribute to the international community.

The school seeks to instill high moral values in its pupils; respect for others regardless of race, religion or gender; and respect for the environment and the Tanzanian nation.


Our Team

The Head of Primary is Rita Abegao-Clark, A Canadian-Portuguese teacher trained in the UK, who has worked in a variety of British and International Schools. The Head of Secondary is Charlie Abegao-Clark, a British teacher and doctor with a specialism in Physics and Maths.

The school recruits teachers from across the world. All teachers are qualified and experienced in the British curriculum. In our recruitment we look especially for teachers with a high level of commitment.


Would you like to join the team at Mwanza International School?

We are not currently recruiting staff but are always happy to receive CVs. Applicants should be qualified to teach the British curriculum with at least 3 years' experience. We will be interviewing on the TES website, or alternatively you can contact the head teacher by email.

Coming soon: Visit us again shortly for more information on all our new staff for 2024/25


News: No enrolment fee to pay for the first term

Deciding to changing schools, or to transfer into the international education system, can be a difficult choice at the best of times, but with high enrolment fees it can also be expensive too. This is why we do not charge enrolment fees for the first term. So you and your child can try the MIS education with less stress on your pocket.

See our 2024/25 fees or contact the office below.

News: IGCSE courses starting August 2024

We are starting the Cambridge International IGCSE course in August 2024. We are accepting Year 10 students onto this course and are offering a range of subjects and options, all taught by specialist teachers trained in the international system. If you would like to find out more please contact the office below.


Mwanza International School has an open admissions policy. We accept applications regardless of race, religion or gender. Children in older classes should have a minimum level of competence in English in order to be able to cope with their lessons. Also parents should be able to show that they will be able to support their children’s education.

Where a child is behind in his/her studies, he/she may be placed in a class up to one year younger than their age. Where a child is particularly advanced and is able to operate at the level of the most able children in the next oldest class they may be placed in that class.

All children are treated as individuals and learn at a pace that they are able to cope with. Children with mild learning difficulties will be taught within the class with the teacher preparing an individual learning programme.

Where a child's needs create extra demands on a teacher, then arrangements may be made with the parents to employ a teaching assistant to give the child he/she needs.

The school is not able to accept pupils with severe learning difficulties as it does not have the facilities to address these children’s needs.

Please contact the office for an admission form.


International education is inevitably expensive, if the school is to provide good facilities and internationally qualified teachers. However, it is our aim to make the fees as affordable as possible.

You can download details of our current fees (2024/25) and how they are structured.

School Calendar

The school year follows the northern hemisphere system, running from September to July. The year is divided into three terms.

Dates for the current academic year can be found in our Google calendar.

You can subscribe to the School calendar by clicking here.

Homework Calendars

These calendars allow you to keep track of your child's homework: when it is set and when it is due for each subject.

Click to access the appropriate calendar:

Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, or Year 10

For instructions on how to subscribe to these calendars click here.

School Facilities

The school consists of two plots, one for Primary and one for Secondary. The plots are very close, separated by 50 metres. Our Primary compound has two grassy fields, two basketball courts, climbing frames, and swings. Our Secondary plot has one grassy football field, basketball court, amphitheatre and beautiful gardens. We have a 20m swimming pool situated directly between Primary and Secondary which is used by all of our students every week.

Each classroom is set up for learning across the curriculum with a digital projector, white board, sink/water supply to facilitate art and practical science work, and a carpeted area/book corner in all Primary classrooms. We have a wide range of reading books for all levels within the school. All secondary students are issued their own school tablet.

Contact The School


Mwanza International School
P.O.Box 700


+255 (0)758 327 942 (School Office)

+255 (0)688 681 681 (Alternate Number)


For all general enquiries please email:

To contact the Primary Head Teacher:

To contact the Secondary Head Teacher: